Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Tripod System

Tripod is a system that permits you to pick and improve a skill’s distinctive traits each time a fighting skill reaches a specific degree.

You can choose the skill attributes, attack type, characteristics, and more at each stage, and you can have fun adjusting and setting the skill details.

Also, a skill will split into two or more branches, and even if the Lost Ark class uses the same skill, the battle will differ.

Depending on the tripod configuration, the same skill can be used in various ways

In Lost Ark, the “Tripod System” is one of the basic functions related to abilities. It is a key element that can drastically change your style of play according to the points assigned. Please note that your overall level will increase the number of available points.

Your tripod will increase proportionally to three (third) levels when you reach skill levels 4, 7, and 10. Lost Ark tripod will increase proportionally to three (third) levels. Once upgraded, you can choose an additional effect.

IYou can slightly strengthen the basic elements that make up the skill.
Example: increased stiffness on hit, changed from a linear attack to a 360-degree attack, 50% reduction in mana cost
IITaking into account the characteristics of the skill, such as the conditions of use, damage, etc., are changed or added.
Ex) Change attack property, grant status abnormality, and debuff according to property, increase attack range by 30%
IIIChoose from two of the most powerful and engaging upgrade options to match your adventures.
Ex) Granting attacked resistance, adding one powerful final attack, etc.


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