Comprehensive Analysis of Factory in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a game whose ultimate goal is survival. Players need to play PMC or Scav, search for equipment on the map and knockdown enemies to plunder their materials, and reach any evacuation point before the countdown ends. After the game countdown ends, all players within the evacuation point are winners, and players who are still alive but fail to reach the evacuation point are also judged dead.

Escape from Tarkov is not very friendly to new players, because this game is too real and no signs will appear in the game, so which makes it difficult for many new players to get started. Escape from tarkov has published 8 maps so far, namely Factory map, Shoreline map, Customs map, Woods map, Interchange map, Quests map, The Lab map, and Reserve map. So let ’s take a look at Factory map Detailed guide, I hope that the guide can be helpful to players, if there is something wrong, you can leave a message, then start.

First look at the factory map picture.

Factory Map 1
Factory Map 2
Factory Map 3

  1. Hidden Stashes
  2. Keys
  3. Extract/Exit Points
  4. Scav Boss

Factory Map Hidden Stashes
In factory has no hidden stashes. If you mostly loot hidden stashes/caches on maps like Customs or Shoreline, know that there aren’t any on Factory. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great ways to do loot runs for eft roubles.

Factory Keys
1.Factory Exit Key
This key can only be used 50 times. It opens two more extraction points in Factory and an optional room that can be used in the “Bad rep evidence” quest. It can also open the doors to the guard building near the new gas station in the crane yard and the doors of the fuel tankers on Interchange.

This key can spawn in several locations on Customs. In the three-story dorms inside the guard office on the ground floor, it can be found on a table next to the broken TV. In a blue locker in a building on the southeastern side of Customs just south of the smokestacks. The building is near the lootable blue van. Finally, it can also be found on the ground next to a concrete ring just west of the old gas station in the southeastern end of the map. This key can also be obtained as a reward for the “Spa Tour – Part 7” quest for Peacekeeper. You can also trade a used version of this key along with an MRE lunch box and four Iskra lunch boxes to Jaeger at Level 2 for a brand new one.

2.Pump Station Door Key
This key is called the “Door Key” in-game but is more commonly called the Pump Station Key by players. This key opens the pump station in the northern section of Factory near the boilers. This room is an optional location for the “Sanitary Standards – Part 1” quest for the Therapist. It is an excellent place to farm bleach. The key can spawn on a bench in the locker room on the second floor of the offices. The bench is in a small area between the locker room and the adjoining bathroom.

3.Door Key (Alternative)
This key is the same as the key above in function but opens a different door just on the other side of the small pump station. This key does not have a known in-game spawn point aside from jackets and the pockets and bags of Scavs.

Factory Extract/Exit Points
It’s not that hard to learn factory map points in Escape from Tarkov. The factory is one of the smallest maps in the game, which means that navigation is not difficult. However, its small size is a double-edged sword; less space means that you are more likely to get into trouble.

What makes the exit from the Factory difficult is that there are only five exits available. Of these five, only one is always open to PMCs. This means that finding alternative exits is necessary if you do not want to get killed, as you are trying to escape from the Factory with your loot.

Factory Extract/Exit

Gate 0
Requirements: Factory key
Gate 0 is almost an exact copy of Gate 3, except that it is located in the southwest corner of the map. You can reach the Zero Gate through several entrances, including heading south through the 2nd floor shower room or the 3rd floor offices.
Once you reach the factory exit to Gate 0, you will need to unlock the second room you came to with the factory exit key.
Exits for PMC only.
The factory has one output that only PMCs can use.

Gate 3
Requirements: no
There is only one extraction point on the factory map, which is open to both fractions 100% time without any necessary objects. Gate 3 is located in the northwest corner of the plant and can be found directly to the west of the generators. To get to Gate 3, you need to go to the northwest corner of the map and go there through the door. Then, from this room, simply open another door and enter the room further west. When you are in the second room, go to the door on the west wall and wait for the extraction notice to appear.

Requirements: exit key from the factory, must play as PMC
Exit from the cellars is only available for PMC. To get to this exit, you will need the Factory exit key. The door leading to this exit is on the opposite side of the same room as the door leading to the exit to gate 3. To get to the basement exit, go east of the generators and find the door on the northeast side of the room. Enter the door and find the nearest staircase leading downstairs. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn around and look to the left and you will see another door. Open the door with the exit key from the Factory, then turn right and walk straight through the tunnel to reach the extraction point.

Exits only for Scav
In the Escape from Tarkov there are two exits from the Factory, which can only be accessed by Scav characters.

Bunker door camera
Requirements: must play as SCAV
You will most likely go through this familiar landmark at Factory several times before you realize it is an exit point. If you jump into a shaft in the central room and head through the southwest passage, you will find yourself at a T-shaped intersection. Go left here and you’ll find a door with a flashing red light above it. To the right of the door there’s an extraction point.

Office window
Requirements: must play as SCAV
This is one of the biggest mining areas in the game. Go up to the third floor and enter the southernmost room to find the office. You will know that you are in the right place when you see the computer on your desk. There is also a safe under the table, which you can take and use as a guide.
Just stand next to the window in this room and you will see a pop-up text.

Factory Scav Boss
All the new maps, Interchange, Reserve, Woods, have Scav bosses but not Factory. It’s chaos in there and the scavs are running around without leadership

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