A New Player’s Guide to Path of Exile Divination Cards, 2019

Path of Exile Divination Cards

What is the Path of Exile Divination Card?

In Path of Exile, to keep it fresh and thrilling, they usually introduce new components into the game. Divination card is actually a form of the item which will be collected to exchange to get a reward. Divination Cards let players to systematically perform their approach to the acquisition of desirable things, without having to rely on random possibility alone. There are various unique cards, each and every a single dropping inside a distinct a part of the game and granting a distinctive reward. With Divination Cards, every farming run appears to possess an objective.

Divination Cards are made by PoE community members as a part of the supporter pack bonus. A card consists of the theme, card art, the Poe factors you occur to become bound to obtain, and flavor text, that is all decided by a neighborhood member. These cards are produced for deterministic farming, that is definitely farming inside a distinct way fundamentally as per a specific Divination Card to become in a position to have a particular item, such as Poe exalted orb. It is essentially a motivating strategy to farm within the game apart from grinding away aimlessly devoid of obtaining considerably rhyme or goal.

The ideal shot players employed to possess in receiving a specific item is always to farm adequate PoE Factors or to buy Poe solutions from somebody else. Along the way, perhaps some players are fortunate and get what they want, but that is definitely a long shot for most players because the possibilities of that taking location are very tiny truly. But with Divination Cards, you can turn these odds a little a lot more for your favor and get the item you wish by farming.

When adequate cards are gathered via play or trade, they are able to be exchanged in the Act Four NPC Tasuni for any distinct item. The rarity and energy from the item received to decide how many cards are needed in trade. Once you get a card that says “Axe” on it, that suggests you will get any sort of exceptional Axe after you farm using the card, and that may very well be fantastic inside the occasion the item you happen to become searching for takes spot to become an Axe also. Merely mainly because Divination Cards themselves are dropped in precise areas. Whatever spot could depend on the Divination Card itself, some cards have only a single unique location, when other people today are typically dropped in a variety of places.

The principal point of that may be that the old selection of mapping and farming bosses randomly yields a smaller sized chance of getting great products than Divination Cards. Ought to you be searching to get a Divination Card, then you definitely are in luck and also you could construct up a set of these cards for a lot far more probabilities of acquiring what you’d like. The wiki website of PoE ought to possess the locations for these Divination Cards.

Where to farm valuable divination cards?

Following is better Path of Exile farm valuable divination cards of I think.

MAP & TIER Divination Card Estimated Value / card Turns in For
T2 Pen (Boss only)The Master (4)39Bisco’s Collar
T2 Flooded MineThe Wolf (5)20Random Rigwald Unique
T3 Burial ChamberThe Doctor (8)498Headhunter
T3 ArcadeThe Saint’s Treasure (10)132x Exalted Orbs
T4 CourthouseThe Undaunted (5)22Corrupted Nemesis Item
T4 VolcanoThe King’s Heart (8)19Kaom’s Heart
T4 GrottoHunter’s Reward (3)99The Taming
T5 Ivory TempleThe Mayor (5)52Perandus Manor Map
T6 AtollThe Spark and the Flame (2)110Berek’s Respite
T6 AtollThe Wind (7)17Windripper
T6 Jungle ValleyThe Wind (7)17Windripper
T6 PhantasmagoriaThe Hunger (9)6Taste of Hate
T7 BazaarThe Saint’s Treasure (10)132x Exalted Orbs
T7 Underground RiverHunter’s Reward (3)99The Taming
T8 LaboratoryThe Professor (4)14The Putrid Cloister
T9 EstuaryHeterochromia (2)20Unique Two-stone ring
T9 Vault Immortal Resolve (6)85Prophecy Fated Connections
T9 Vault The Hoarder (12) 5Exalted Orb
T9 VaultAbandoned Wealth (5)40 3x Exalted Orbs
T10 Cursed CryptThe Celestial Justicar (6)76-link Astral Plate
T10 PrecinctThe Saint’s Treasure (10) 132x Exalted Orbs
T10 PrecinctThe Undaunted (5)22Corrupted Nemesis Item
T11 Spider ForestThe Doctor (8)498Headhunter
T11 LairThe Wolven King’s Bite (8) 96Rigwalld’s Quill
T13 ArsenalAbandoned Wealth (5)403x Exalted Orbs
T13 ArsenalThe Saint’s Treasure (10)132x Exalted Orbs
T13 GhettThe Saint’s Treasure (10)132x Exalted Orbs
T13 Caldera The King’s Heart (8)19Kaom’s Heart
T13 Caldera Pride Before the Fall (8)22Corrupted Kaom’s Heart
T13 Terrace The Celestial Stone (10)24Shaped Opal Ring – ilvl 100
T13 ShrineThe Fiend (11360 Corrupted Headhunter
T14 Dark ForestThe Wolven King’s Bite (8)96Rigwalld’s Quill
T14 Dark ForestMawr Blaidd (16)52Eyes of the Great wolf
T14 Palace (Boss only)The Sephirot (11)1010x Divine Orbs
T15 CarcassImmortal Resolve (6)85Prophecy Fated Connections
T15 Carcass The Hunger (9)6Taste of Hate
T15 BasilicaThe Celestial Stone (1024Shaped Opal Ring – ilvl 100
T15 Lava LakePride Before the Fall (8)22Corrupted Kaom’s Heart
T16 Lair of the Hydra The Celestial Stone (10)24Shaped Opal Ring – ilvl 100
T16 Lair of the Hydra Perfection (5) 8Shaped Jewellery – ilvl 100
T16 Pit of ChimeraThe Dragon’s Heart (11)20Shaped Jewellery – ilvl 100
T16 Pit of ChimeraPerfection (5) 8 20 Level 4 Empower
T16 Maze of MinotaurPerfection (5 8 Shaped Jewellery – ilvl 100
T16 Forge of the PhoenixPerfection (5 8 Shaped Jewellery – ilvl 100

How to farm the doctor Path of Exile divination card?

The Medical doctor is amongst the most pricey Divination Cards in Path of Exile, along with a set of 8 may be exchanged for Headhunter, arguably the most beneficial belt for most builds. This means that The Doctor can also be actually highly-priced, and also you can conveniently get a complete set of things required for some decent builds for any single card.

The drop areas for The Medical doctor is as follows:

When farming for it, people frequently are inclined to farm Spider Forest. It is presently on the list of finest places to farm experience, too because of the Doctor. The drop rate is possibly the exact same for standard Spider Forest, however, the mobs will be 5 reduce levels, making them pretty poor for leveling up previous 80+.

Burial Chambers have a tendency to possess a pretty messy layout in comparison to Spider Forest, so there’s not seriously any advantage of running that one particular.

It really is not definitely a great technique for farming this card, except for running numerous Spider Forest maps and hope for the very best. The card is particularly rare, and the majority of people will farm for a lot of hours without having ever seeing certainly one of them drop at all. Most players report that they get 1 card in roughly 150-200 maps, so be ready to farm quite a bit!

Path of Exile Divination Cards List Link: https://poe.ninja/challenge/divinationcards

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